About ProRank Academy

ProRankAcademy.com is what we call “The First Diversity Equity & Inclusion Ecosystem”.

This system is designed to promote diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) specifically with regard to publicly funded jobs and projects by helping diverse individuals and business owners Educate, Network, & Get Work. 

(Please join free as a Public User with your Gmail or LinkedIn account
at ProRankAcademy.com or learn.prorankllc.com)


At its core, PRA is a learning management system that has hundreds of hours of self-paced training and industry information on a variety of topics. This training can be used to educate yourself, your staff, or your community. Verified subject-matter experts or private organizations can even have their own training content added to the platform. End-User added training content can be shared publicly by the end-user or restricted to the use of the end-users organization only.


PRA has a fully searchable community of Business Owners, Public Agency Employees, Community Advocates, and individuals looking for information and/or employment opportunities. With Covid increasing the distance between us all, this provides a new way to build your professional network with meaningful relationships using your virtual profile as your avatar. Your PRA profile provides the ability to share all of your important professional information with prospective employers or clients virtually. They could be viewing your profile while you are online taking a course. We also create rooms on PRA that allow us to group discussions, documents, members, and activities by subject matter. Because these “Group-Rooms” on PRA organize information and people by subject matter, joining these groups is also an excellent way to build your professional network on PRA.

Get Work

PRA has a fully functioning virtual Job and/or Project Message board that promotes opportunities specifically for diverse individuals and businesses. This is done at no cost to PRA subscribers through our Job & Project Solicitation system that allows organizations to post and manage their opportunities for candidates and/or for private contractors virtually via their Job Poster Dashboards. Prospective candidates and contractors can create and manage their virtual resumes and capabilities statements through their resume dashboards.

ProRank Academy provides support for these Penndot Programs

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