Supportive Services

What Supportive Services are offered through PRA?

In support of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, ProRank has developed a comprehensive platform to provide training and promote the hiring of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Diverse Businesses. And for individuals looking to work on PennDOT construction projects, the PA On-The-Job Training Supportive Services Center ensures opportunities for minorities, women, and the economically disadvantaged. By providing a platform for these and many other services, ProRank and PennDOT are supporting diversity and promoting job growth at all levels of PennDOT’s projects. 

And these programs and supportive services are currently being implemented on the ProRank Academy platform. In fact, by creating a profile on ProRank Academy, individuals immediately gain access to the courses, connections, communities, and skills that will lead to their ideal job. And DBE or DB-designated small business owners or agencies looking to execute a publicly funded project have all the candidates and contractors they need at their fingertips. 

So, first let’s talk about the three key PennDOT programs supported and administered by ProRank, Then, we’ll take you through how you can take advantage of these programs through the ProRank Academy platform. 

Pennsylvania Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Supportive Services Center

The Pennsylvania Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Supportive Services Center otherwise known as The PA DBE SSC, provides training, technical support, financial assistance and business development services to any organization seeking to do business with PennDOT that is designated as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program or (PA UCP).

Similarly, The Pennsylvania Diverse Business Supportive Services Center, otherwise known as The PA DB SSC, provides training, technical assistance, and business development services to those looking to bid on PennDOT contracts or subcontracts that are designated as small diverse businesses by any of the following five certifying organizations. 

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Women’s Business Enterprise Council
  • Small Business Administration
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program

PA On-The-Job Supportive Services Center

All of these programs are offered free of charge to qualified individuals and companies, and their many comprehensive services can be accessed on ProRank Academy. Now, let’s get familiar with the ProRank Academy platform and see how you can benefit from all ProRank Academy and these programs have to offer. 

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