Please see this list of Tutorials to assist you in getting started with PRA, They are listed in the normal order of operation on PRA so you may want to view them in order but they can also be viewed according to your reasons for using PRA.

The PRA Navigational Menu

The PRA Navigational Menu will be located vertically on the “lefthand side” of the website and it will follow you on every page. Understanding how to use this menu will help you to have a meaningful experience on PRA without a long learning curve.
Also, be sure to check out the Start Rooms HERE.  The Start Rooms are how content is grouped by subject matter on PRA. Each of the Start Rooms has more rooms that drill deeper down into a more focused topic room. Each “Group Room” or  (Room) on PRA has an:  Activity Feed/ Timeline,  a Discussion Forum, Documents, Members, and most rooms have Courses.
One of the easiest ways to enroll in new courses is to simply request access to the rooms that you are interested in. Once you are accepted into the room, you will automatically be enrolled in the courses that are in that room, in most cases. You are able to see your list of courses growing on your course list HERE.

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