How To SignUp for The PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program

PennDOT MPP Update June 2023

This is an update on June 7, 2023, from Daryl St. Clair of PennDOT on the status of the PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program (MPP). This update is primarily focused on the consulting cohort.

See links to helpful MPP documents below:

Just copy and paste the links below AND send them IN emails to refer Potential Mentors or Proteges to the PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program.

Proteges may want to refer a potential Mentor to the PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program.


Mentors may want to refer a Protege to the PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program.

Completing the appropriate MPP Questionnaire above will automatically enroll the  Mentor or Protege and email the POC with instructions for the next step. Please ask “pre-existing” users of PRA or DBE Supportive Services to use their existing PRA email addresses and/or use their employee company email addresses if they don’t have a PRA user yet. This will help to ensure that duplicate users are not created in PRA. Thank you.


Protege firms should only complete (1) one MPP Protege questionnaire until they have graduated from the program.

Every member of a potential mentor firm that wants access to the MPP should complete the Prime Mentor MPP Questionnaire. This means that one PennDOT Prime Firm may have multiple “Potential Mentors”  that have completed the survey. Since Mentoring occurs on the firm level, this does not negatively impact the program and may help potential mentor firms manage the program easier.

Getting Started w The PennDOT MPP (Excerpts)


Tier 1 Information

Tier 2 Information

Tier 3 Information


7.20.23 MPP Teaming Process Call Excerpts

9.29.23 MPP Event Playlist

9.29.23 MPP Event Presentation (Download HERE)

General PennDOT MPP Information

MPP 6 FAQ Presentation – w/ Mentor SignUp Process (33:26)

This video is a walkthrough of the PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program’s (6) most commonly asked questions. This video was revised on 3.20.23 to reflect the most current program updates.

MPP 6 FAQ Shorts – Playlist

Click The Image Below To See The Full Playlist of Open MPP Calls.

See links below to helpful MPP rooms and discussions below: (Please note: You will already need to be a room member for the links to work.)


For more information on the PennDOT MPP, please visit the Full PennDOT MPP Website at or use the contact information below.

MPP Administrator Contact Information:

855-776-7265 Ext 805

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