What are the PRA Membership Levels?

There are currently 6 Membership Levels

The Enhanced Diverse Business Membership will allow you to have additional features on PRA such as:

Company Sub-Accounts:

This allows you to quickly add additional organizational users to PRA while sharing key company profile data like: 

  • Your Custom Company Profile Banner, 
  • Your Key Company Profile information 
  • (Correct Company Name, DBE Status, ECMS Status, Services, Contact Info) 
  • Your Company’s Capabilities Statement

And additional info that makes your employee’s transition to PRA seamless.

Sub Accounts allow one primary organizational user to manage multiple additional users of an organization much easier.

All Sub-Account users can be added or removed from the “Subscriptions” sub-tab under your Main Account Tab.

You may see multiple subscriptions including a free “Public User Access” membership that never expires.

This feature is also available to Non-Diverse Businesses as well but does have a fee which is reflected by the paid Business SignUp, Premium Business Signup, and Agency Signup Options. All membership levels above the public sign-up include sub-accounts and additional features. 

With regards to the PennDOT Mentor Protege Program, all participation expectations can be met with a free public account. 

If you are a certified DBE with the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PA UCP)  Or certified with any of the following organizations:

  • WBEC
  • SBA (WBE/8A)
  • SBA VetCert 

then you can take the Annual Needs Assessment, HERE at to get Access to the Enhanced Diverse Business Membership at “no cost to your firm”. You must be sure to answer “Yes” when asked if you would like PennDOT to sponsor your firm’s Enhanced Diverse Business subscription to ProRank Academy for the next 12 months.

Upon the completion of the Needs Assessment, check your inbox or spam folder for your PRA Login credentials and directions for getting started.

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